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Welcome to Diamond Class 2018/19!

In Diamond class, we love to share our learning with you. The children take an active part in their learning and have lots of fun doing so.We create a range of learning opportunities in our environment as well as ensure that the children have lots of different experiences.

Everybody is very welcome in our class and if you would like to volunteer, please speak to a member of staff.

 Below you will find out what interesting and exciting learning we have been doing so far this year. Please take some time to find our what your child is up to in school and how you can help at home.



'Yum Yum In My Tum' WOW day. The children enjoyed learning about the different food groups, making healthy meals and making a delicious healthy wrap!

Welcome to Term 4 in Diamond's class

We hope that everybody has had a restful half term holiday and you are looking forward to our interesting (and delicious!) new topic. This term our topic is Yum, Yum In My Tum . We will be looking what to include in a healthy meal, where our food comes from and how we can keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Making delicious apple crumble. The children had a fantastic time making the apple crumble using left over and misshapen fruit. All of the children knew that it was very important that they washed their hands first before they started baking. They rubbed the butter into the flour, then stirred in the sugar. They carefully cut the apple into small pieces. The children loved to see how delicious it looked the next day!

Diamond had a super morning when Zoo lab came to our school. We made some new friends (and learnt lots about them) including an albino gecko, python and rat!

Amazing adding!

Upcycling old t-shirts!

On our first day of term, Diamond class took part in a 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' WOW day! The children talked about what recycling is and why it is important. We began an experiment where we buried some items to see what will happen to them. The children made a recycling centre and used their cutting and drawing skills to create their own junk models. It was a fantastic start to the term!

Welcome to Term 3 in Diamond's class

We hope that everybody has had a very merry Christmas and that everybody is looking forward to the new term. This term our topic is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We will be looking at what recycling means, which items can be recycled and how we can help our planet by doing this. 

Celebrating Special Times

As a class, we talked about special times in our lives and what we do at these times to celebrate them. Lots of the children told me that Christmas time is very special to them and shared with me all of the lovely things they do with their families. The children wanted to create Christmas cards and decorations to celebrate this special time. 

Picture 1

Perfect pattern making.

We were visited by a First Aid teacher called Sean. We talked about what number to call if there was an emergency, what to say to the operator and we even learnt a little bit about CPR too!

This term our new topic is 'Antarctica.' On our first day of term we had a fantastic WOW day to celebrate the start of our new topic. We read the book 'Betty and the Yeti' by Ella Burfoot. We designed new jumpers for the Yeti as well as make homes for him. The children explored what it would be like to visit Antarctica by exploring ice and investigating our role play area.

Exploring 2D shapes

Tattershall Castle

Junk model castles. Diamond class have enjoyed learning about castles. They have learnt the names for parts of a castle and can even tell you what a portcullis is!

Our first week at school. Everyone has had a lovely time making new friends and taking part in the activities.

Welcome to Diamond Class 2017/18!


In Diamond class, there is always lots of exciting learning taking place! The curriculum is led by the children's interests so that there is a high level of engagement and the children are always having lots of fun.

We always welcome parent helpers into Diamond class so please speak to a member of staff if you would like to volunteer. 

Below you will find out what interesting and exciting learning we have been doing so far this year. Please take some time to find our what your child is up to in school and how you can help at home

Dazzling Diamond's fantastic learning this term!

Dazzling Diamond's fantastic learning this term! 1

As part of our RE topic 'Special Times,' the children have planned and made the decorations for their very own party. We all had a lovely time and it was a great end to the term!

Fantastic capacity work! The children enjoying investigating the different sized containers and seeing how much water each of them held. Dazzling Diamonds even ordered the containers from largest to smallest. Great work everyone!

Dazzling Diamond's dinosaur! We have created our very own dinosaur using a variety of different techniques.

Dazzling Diamond's dinosaur! We have created our very own dinosaur using a variety of different techniques. 1

Welcome to the Summer term! 

We hope that you have all had a lovely Easter holidays and are looking forward to stepping back in time to learn all about dinosaurs!

The children had lots of fun riding their bike for Sport's Relief!

Still image for this video

Amazing writing! The children have enjoyed listening to the story ' The Way Back Home' by Oliver Jeffers. They sequenced the pictures from the story and then wrote super sentences.

Branston Church of England Infant Academy was incredibly luckily to work with the ex-Harlem Globe Trotter player and the world's tallest basketball player, Paul Sturgess. It was such a brilliant day for everyone!

We have been learning about 3D shapes this week. The children used their knowledge of the properties of 3D shapes to help them to make large rockets using the construction items (in the snow!).

We had some exciting visitors this morning...

The children found frozen aliens in our outdoor area this morning. They took them inside and tried to free them. The children experimented with different things to free the aliens such as salt, flour and warm water. Well done for helping our alien friends, Dazzling Diamonds!
Welcome back Diamond class after your half term holiday. We hope you all had a lovely break and are ready for our exciting learning to start...

Programming the Bee-bots to follow a trail

In Diamond's class, we have been learning how to find the total of two groups by counting all of the objects. Miss Sneyd has been very impressed with everyone's careful counting.

We have had a super first week back at school. We have enjoyed playing in our very own Diamond's toy shop!

Welcome back to school Dazzling Diamonds!

We hope you have had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to our new topic all about toys.

Our Learning Journey this term. Well done Dazzling Diamonds for all of your hard work!

Our Learning Journey this term. Well done Dazzling Diamonds for all of your hard work! 1

We investigated which ice block would melt first. Would it be the one with salt poured on it, the one with sugar sprinkled on top or the one with nothing put on it? The children predicted which one would melt first.

Super shape work! The children enjoyed making their very own shape monsters!

Children In Need

Diamond class had a super time supporting Children In Need. They made play dough Pudsey bears and went on a Pudsey hunt around our outdoor area. They also learnt about the charity and who the charity supports.

Diamond class has had such a busy week! We have learnt how to order objects according to their length and we have measured how tall we are! Super measuring skills everyone!

The children wanted to say their own prayers in our Class Collective Worship

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Welcome back Diamonds class.

We hope you all had a great half term break and are looking forward to taking part in our new topic, 'Lets come outside...!'


We had a brilliant time at Belton House!

Everyone had such a great time at Belton House! We played on the outside play equipment and went on a leaf hunt in the grounds (we even saw a deer!). Then we used all the leaves and other treasures we had found to make nature pictures in the formal gardens.

Diamond class enjoyed learning about The Creation story with Mrs Dickins in Godly Play. They then made their own worlds thinking carefully about what they would like to include in them..

Celebrating birthdays!

Diamond class had such a fantastic time getting ready for our class birthday party. We made birthday badges, party hats and posters to tell everyone we were having a party! We even wrote birthday cards to our friends. Everyone enjoyed our party: we had a great time! What a fantastic week, Diamond class.  

Beanstalk challenges!

Diamonds class have been making huge beanstalks! They have used their problem solving skills to make beanstalks out of straws (super team work too!) and using their fine motor skills to make beanstalks out of hoop shaped cereal. Great work everyone!

Jack and the beanstalk inspired counting!

Jack and the beanstalk inspired counting! 1
Picture 1
How many cubes long are the giant's footsteps? The children carefully counted the cubes and even had a go at writing the number down! Fantastic work, Diamond Class.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
The children have had a fantastic start to their first year of school! They have made lots of new friends and enjoyed all of the activities both inside and outside the classroom. The children have especially enjoyed making glittery potions and building homes for all of the mini beasts which they have found in our Nature Area. They have been learning all of the school rules and routines too.

Welcome to 2017 Diamond Class.

Welcome to Diamonds!


Our children have the opportunity to explore and have 'hands on' experiences daily. The children share their interests which we then incorporate in to their learning. Our Year 1 children learn through activities such as role play and Hot Seating during English and investigating Mathematical concepts through a wide range of practical activities. All children have access to a wide range of art materials and love being creative! Currently, I feel we have a class of engineers as our Construction Area is full of towers, cars and hairdryers!


Christmas Jumper Day!

Christmas Jumper Day! 1

Summer term


Diamonds have had a very exciting start to the Summer term. We have diving deep into the ocean in our topic, 'Under The Sea.' Everyone has enjoyed learning about lots of different sea creatures including sharks, jellyfish and sea turtles. The children have learnt lots of interesting facts about the sea creatures and have even made their very own jellyfish! We have been doing lots of amazing writing and have  created sea wands and beware signs (for all of the dangerous animals!). Diamonds have made and tested boats to see which materials would be the best out on the open water. In Maths, the children have been exploring patterns, numbers and some tricky sums!

It has been a super term!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Carefully planting the seeds

Carefully planting the seeds 1
Carefully planting the seeds 2
We have been learning about what plants need to grow. All of the children very carefully planted seeds and were amazed when tiny shoots began to appear! They have looked after the plants so well. Well done everyone!

Great Gruffalo work

Great Gruffalo work 1
Great Gruffalo work 2
Great Gruffalo work 3
The children loved listening to the story of the Gruffalo. So much so that they even retold the story themselves and then made the Gruffalo's forest in our mud kitchen. Look out for those terrible teeth and terrible claws everyone!