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Welcome to Rubies 2018/19!


In our mixed year one and early years class we follow both the National Curriculum for Key Stage One and the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. We plan our learning around the school's topics as well as the children's interests, which helps to make it exciting and relevant for our pupils. We aim to create a caring and supportive classroom environment which stimulates our children to achieve their full potential.


We have lots of opportunities for hands on, practical learning. We might be authors writing stories, scientists conducting experiments or artists and musicians creating our next masterpiece! It all happens in Ruby Class!



We had a lovely teddy bears picnic, sharing all the food equally.

We have been working hard on continuing a rhyming string!

We have been learning about 2d shapes!

Welcome to Term 5

We welcome everybody back to the start of an exciting Summer term. This term our topic is 'Our Wonderful World.' We are looking forward to getting outside to search and explore our environment for wild flowers, deciduous and evergreen trees and lots of mini beasts!

In maths we have been learning how to double!

World Book Day!

WOW day - Yum Yum In My Tum. We have really enjoyed learning about the different food groups, making healthy plates and making a delicious healthy wrap!

Welcome to Term 4 in Ruby's class

We hope that everybody has had a lovely half term holiday and you are looking forward to our new topic Yum, Yum In My Tum . We will be looking what to include in a healthy meal, where our food comes from and how we can keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Apple Crumble!

Apple Crumble! 1
Apple Crumble! 2
Apple Crumble! 3
Apple Crumble! 4
Apple Crumble! 5
Apple Crumble! 6
Apple Crumble! 7

Yuken Teruya Corner Forest Decorations

Reusing items as instruments

Welcome to Term 3 in Ruby class

This term our topic is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We will be looking at what recycling means, which items can be recycled and how we can help our planet by doing this. 

Our Antarctica WOW day!


During our WOW day we read the story Betty and the Yeti. We then had lots of fun making the yeti some lovely new jumpers, exploring the ice, making igloos for the yeti and playing in our fantastic new role play area to name just a few. We all had a brilliant morning and can't wait to learn all about Antarctica during our new topic! 

We had a fantastic time at Tatershall Castle!

We had a fantastic time at Tatershall Castle! 1
We had a fantastic time at Tatershall Castle! 2
We had a fantastic time at Tatershall Castle! 3
We had a fantastic time at Tatershall Castle! 4
We had a fantastic time at Tatershall Castle! 5
We had a fantastic time at Tatershall Castle! 6
We had a fantastic time at Tatershall Castle! 7
We had a fantastic time at Tatershall Castle! 8

Our first week in Ruby class!

Rubies 2017/18
What a wonderful half term it has been. We loved learning all about space and we especially enjoyed when the Planetarium came to visit. We now know the names of the different planets and some of the star constellations we can see at night. We also found out all about man's first walk on the moon and made our own rockets. We now can't wait to see what next half term will bring with our new topic all about dinosaurs!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Some aliens arrived stuck in ice! We had to work out ways to get them out!

This week our trip to China ended with a celebration of Chinese New Year! We even had our own dragon dance and composed our own piece of traditional Chinese music!

Dragon Dance

This week we have continued our journey through China by learning about its history. We found out about a brave young woman called Mulan who stole her father's armour and went to war so that her father could stay safe at home! We had a go at looking through old pictures and digging up objects to help us learn about the past. We also discovered that not all things we hear about the past are true and we have to look carefully to pull out the fact from the fiction!

True or False?

Willow Pattern Plates

Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors 1 We made our own terracotta warriors using clay.
Terracotta Warriors 2

Welcome back!


We hope you had a wonderful holiday! Our new topic this half term is China. We are going to fly to China right out of our school hall! What will we explore when we get there?

We have had such a busy week! I'm sure you will all agree we were fabulous as angels in our school Nativity, and we had a wonderful time on Thursday wearing our favourite Christmas jumpers. Mrs Jenkins and Ms Roberts even joined us for Christmas dinner in the hall! We have also been weather watchers this week and have been collecting data about the wind direction and the temperature everyday. Mr Green has kindly put us a thermometer on our wooden toy store outside so why not have a look and see what the temperature is on Monday morning.... we think it might be getting colder!

Giving and Following Instructions.

Basket Rap

Still image for this video
In music we have been practising reciting raps rhythmically. Then we had a go at making our own rap about a basket!

Hello and Welcome Back!


There are lots of exciting things happening this half term! Our new topic is toys and we had a wonderful time showing our favourite toys to the class today. In English we will be using some of the characters from 'Toy Story' to write our very own toy stories and we will be making our own puppets over the next few weeks. We even have a toy shop as our role play area this half term and we are already enjoying gift-wrapping the toys for our many customers!

This week we made our own music score.

This week we made our own music score.  1

Self Portraits in the Style of Andy Warhol

Abstract Portraits in the Style of Fedro

Pirate Subtraction

Pirate Subtraction 1

Comparing Numbers: Higher and Lower

Comparing Numbers: Higher and Lower 1 Who has more?
Comparing Numbers: Higher and Lower 2 Who has fewer?
We have been learning about how Christians believe God created the world. We used lots of animals, different coloured fabric and natural resources to create our own beautiful worlds, containing all the creatures and things in that we are thankful for. Why do you think the world was made?
Rubies 2016/17

Christmas Jumper Day!

Christmas Jumper Day! 1

Ready to perform in Christmas Counts

Ready to perform in Christmas Counts 1
Ready to perform in Christmas Counts 2

We sold some of our old toys and Christmas decorations we made at the Christmas market.

Happy Chinese New Year!

We have been learning all about the Chinese new year. Our role play has been turned into a Chinese restaurant where noodles are served with everything! We even had our very own noodles tasting afternoon. Most of the children really enjoyed the noodles even though they thought they looked like wiggly worms. We have also made a dragon and performed our very own dragon dance.


World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2

Rand Farm Park

This half term our topic has been 'on the farm'. We have been learning lots about animals, including how they grow and their life cycles. We have also looked at the growth of food and where our food comes from. This week we were lucky enough to go and visit Rand Farm Park. We had a fabulous day, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the weather was brilliant. During the day we had the chance to hold some of the animals including rabbits and chicks. We also looked at the chick eggs in the incubator and one of the eggs was just beginning to crack open! As well as this we fed some of the animals with animal feed and bottle fed the lambs and calves. One of the farmers then talked to us about how they milk the cows and we were able to watch as she demonstrated. Finally we had a lovely ride on the tractor and some time to play on their brilliant outdoor play area. As you can imagine, after all this excitement, we were exhausted and it was time to head back to school on the coach. 

Summer Term

This half term we have been learning all about 'under the sea.' In literacy we have looked at the life cycle of a sea turtle, facts about sharks and we have written our own sea side poem. We have also enjoyed making sea turtle collages, jellyfish and wave paintings. We have had lots of fun in our under the sea role play area and are really excited to be turning it into a sea side cafe. 

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

We had such an amazing time when the skate park visited our school. Look at what we can do!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5