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Branston Church of England Infant Academy

'The Best We Can Be'

Design and Technology

National Curriculum Objectives for Key Stage 1 Design & Technology

What does Design and Technology look like at Branston C of E Infant Academy?

At Branston C of E Infant Academy, our design and technology curriculum allows children to be creative and imaginative in order to create products which solve real life problems. Children will evaluate existing products before exploring a range of techniques which can then be used in their own design. Children are then able to make their product to a high standard. Children will be taught to recognise how technology contributes not only to their own lives but to the lives of others around the world.


Cooking and Nutrition is also part of our Design and Technology curriculum. The children learn about a vast range of different ingredients, where these are produced and how we can use them to make healthy and nutritious meals.


The implementation of Design and Technology at Branston C of E Infant Academy:

In EYFS, children explore existing products as well as create their own models. We hold children’s ability to express themselves through this area of the curriculum very highly. This can be seen in the fact that children can choose to make their own creations in the craft area which is a continuous part of the provision. There are also more directed tasks which, with adult support and supervision, children are challenged to create more detailed and complex models.


Gross and fine motor skills are practiced by manipulating materials and this leads to great control and precise use of tools. This in turns lead to better hand eye co-ordination which is a vital skill for early literacy.


Through the children’s discussion of how they are making items as well as discussing and playing with their models, children’s vocabulary increases and they will become increasing confident when using a wide and rich vocabulary.


During the children’s time in KS1, they will develop skills in these four main areas:

  • Design
  • Make
  • Evaluate
  • Technical knowledge

These skills will be practised numerous times throughout Key Stage 1 in order for them to gain a good skills base and technical knowledge.

Children will design functional products and communicate their ideas through drawing, plans and practice models of their proposed products. They will practise creating different types of mechanisms to see which would be the best to use for this project. Children will explore existing products/ objects too. Once the design stage is complete, they will then begin to make their product by using tools with precision and care as well as selecting appropriate materials. Children will then evaluate their finished product against the design criteria which was set at the beginning of the project.


During both EYFS and KS1, children will participate in cooking lessons: first learning about the ingredients they will cook with as well as learning hygiene in the kitchen and how to use kitchen utensils with care. We also run a weekly cooking club which has been a huge success and tasty dishes are created each week for the children to take home to enjoy!


What is the impact of learning these skills?

As creators and designers, the vast majority of pupils have master the skills at an age appropriate level for this subject. They have achieve this by taking part in a variety of DT projects as well as been taught the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to gain a good understanding of this area of the curriculum. They are confident t in their knowledge and ability to use a range of tools carefully and with precision. They have had the opportunity to learn about a range of foods, where they come from and how to make healthy, well-balanced meals.

We investigated wheels and axles. Then made our own moving vehicles needed to travel across the sand to carry the pirates treasure.