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Branston Church of England Infant Academy

'The Best We Can Be'

EYFS Curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage - Little Owls



In our Early Years Foundation Stage at Branston Church of England Infant Academy, we are committed to giving our children the best possible start to school life. We strongly believe that every child can and should succeed. Our unique curriculum grows from the child to their community, and then the wider world. By building strong, supportive relationships with the children and providing a safe, nurturing and exciting learning environment, we enable the children to flourish and achieve their potential.



Our enabling indoor and outdoor environment and warm, skilful adult interactions support children as they link learning to their play and exploration. Children learn through carefully planned, developmentally-appropriate, play-based activities with opportunities to explore and follow their own interests. Alongside child-initiated learning, we carry out topic based, adult-guided tasks. In addition to this, each day we have a guided RWI phonics lesson and Maths Fluency session. We enjoy daily ‘Talking Time’ and Story Time.


Our curriculum is carefully planned in a cross-curricular way, to enable all aspects of development across the seven areas of learning:

-Personal, Social and Emotional Development

-Communication and Language

-Physical Development



-Understanding the World

-Expressive Arts and Design


We use the DFE Development Matters document to help us plan and design our effective Early Years curriculum.



Children will have a Good Level of Development and reach the Early Learning Goals. Children will develop their Characteristics of Effective Learning and apply these to a range of situations, making links and explaining their understanding. Children will be confident to take risks and discuss their successes and failures, drawing on their experiences to become resilient learners. Children will become happy, well-rounded individuals and members of our school community. Children will have a love of learning and a natural curiosity about the world around them.

EYFS Long Term Plan