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Branston Church of England Infant Academy

'The Best We Can Be'

Squirrel Class Year One & Two

Welcome to Squirrel Class!

Teacher: Mrs Sharpe


Support Staff:   Mr Coy


Key Information




Reading is a core aspect of the school curriculum. We ask that our children read to an adult at home regularly each week. Please record your child’s daily reading in their reading diary so that we can see how they are getting on. When they have read their book twice, then please encourage them to put it in the basket so that it can be changed.


It is important for the children to bring in their reading folder each day so that they are able to read to an adult in school.




Tuesday with Mrs Sharpe

Thursday with our PE Coach


Children are welcome to come to school on these days wearing their school PE kit. Please make sure that jumpers have been labelled with their names.




 Each term there will be 9 activities (3 Maths, 3 English and 3 Topic based activities) to choose from. We would like your child to complete one activity each week. By providing a range of tasks, we hope that you will be able to pick something each week which your child will find engaging as well as at the same time supporting their learning.  Homework books are to be handed in on a Monday each week and will be returned to your child on a Wednesday.  



      Our Church School Value


        This term our core value is





The children will be exploring what it means to forgive and why this is such an important value not only to show ourselves, but why it is important for other people that we show forgiveness to them.


Term Four


This term our topic will be:

From Little Acorns



The Big Question:
 Do all trees lose their leaves?


We use the big question as a focus for our planning each lesson, so that the children have the opportunity to gain information to help them to answer it throughout the term.


In Science, the children will be learning all about what plants need to survive and what happens when they don't receive these things. The children will also learn how to identify and name parts of flowering plants and trees, as well as types of trees such as deciduous and evergreen. 



We will using the following books in English to write; traditional stories, instructions and poetry.



The topics we will be covering in Maths in Year 1 are: Place Value to 50, Length & Height, and Mass & Volume.

In Year 2 Maths, the children will cover: Multiplication & Division, and Length & Height.


Through our Music lessons, the children will learn how to play untuned instruments and developing our rhythm and tempo knowledge. 


 In Art, the children will be exploring the work of the famous artist William Morris and then practice creating their own block prints to design a piece of nature inspired art work.


This term, through PE lessons, we will be focusing on gymnastics where the children will continue to work on their balance and agility, moving towards performing movements on and around apparatus.


Our topic in RE is ‘Life Journeys in Islam’. The children will be thinking about and exploring the big question:

  • How do different Muslims celebrate and say thank you for the life of a new  baby?

The children will learn about the importance of community (ummah) in Islam and belonging to one community of Muslims worldwide. The children will learn how Muslims celebrate a new member of their community and that Muslims see the birth of a baby as a blessing and this new life is something that they give thanks for.