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Branston Church of England Infant Academy

'The Best We Can Be'




  • At Branston C of E Infant Academy, we shape our Computing curriculum to ensure it is fully inclusive to every child. Our aims are to fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum for Computing; ensuring the progressive development of Computing knowledge of skills.
  • Children will use their computing skills to become effective communicators and problem solvers.
  • Children will know how to keep safe online and how to show respect online and when using technology.
  • The curriculum will equip children with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to thrive in the digital world of today and the future. 
  • Lessons will incorporate a range of technology to create motivated, independent learners. In addition to this, concepts will be explored in ‘unplugged’ contexts.
  • The curriculum will develop our school values of love, kindness, honesty, forgiveness, perseverance and respect.



In EYFS, Computing is planned and taught through adult lead teaching as well as it being part of the enhanced and continuous provision.

In Key Stage One, we follow the Computing curriculum 'Teach Computing' designed by the National Centre for Computing Excellence (NCCE). This scheme was chosen as subject experts have created it and it is based on the latest pedagogical research. The curriculum equips pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to thrive in the digital world of today and the future. Aligned with the National Curriculum it is broken down into three strands:

  • Computer Science - the understanding of coding and programming across a range of physical devices and digital resources.
  • Information Technology - the range of skills required to operate and manipulate specific programs, systems, and content.
  • Digital Literacy - the knowledge required to use technology safely and to evaluate and react to any potential risks of the online world.

Through this curriculum, knowledge and skills are progressive, and revisited to ensure learning is built upon and retrieval of prior knowledge takes place. Links are made to other areas of the curriculum and topical learning when appropriate. New concepts such as algorithms and programming are explored in unplugged contexts helping children to develop a secure understanding.

Children have access to digital devices including laptops and Bee-Bots. Interactive whiteboards and iPads are also used in every class.

At Branston C of E Infant Academy, we have a whole school consistent approach to online safety. In addition to the Teach Computing curriculum, E-Safety is taught and revisited at the beginning of each Computing lesson. Our online safety lessons are age-appropriate, relevant and engaging. Through stories, songs, scenarios and discussions, children understand the potential risks and how to keep themselves safe.



Children at Branston C of E Infant Academy enjoy Computing lessons and appreciate the impact technology has on their learning and lives. Children leave Branston C of E Infant Academy as confident, effective communicators and problem solvers. They remember key e-safety messages. They will have explored creating digital media and know how to program a robot. They will have learned, and be able to use, specific Computing vocabulary such as ‘algorithm’ and ‘debugging’.

Computing lessons always involve discussions so that children can embed and understand their learning.

The way that children at Branston C of E Infant Academy talk about Computing best shows the impact of our curriculum.



Using the internet safely and positively is a key message that we promote in school. Please find the link to our E-safety pages below for more information.

Computing lessons 2022-23:

Using technology in school: