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Branston Church of England Infant Academy

Our Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum has been based on the National Curriculum programmes of study and designed in a way to take into account a range of considerations.

  • We have a two year rolling programme which enables us to cater for mixed year groups.
  • One year there is an emphasis on geography and the next year the emphasis is on history.
  • Science is taught every week with links to the main topic where the links are appropriate.
  • Where there are no links to the topics the science objectives will be taught as stand-alone science topics to ensure coverage and progression.
  • The other foundation subjects have been linked to the geography and history where there are natural links and opportunities to overlearn, review and revisit have been built in.
  • If any areas of a curriculum subject don’t fit naturally within the topics they will be taught as a stand-alone mini topic or special day/week depending on what needs to be learned.
  • In all foundation subjects there is an opportunity to revisit key pieces of knowledge that we wish the children to retain in order for them to transfer this knowledge from their short term memories to their long term memories.
  • This has been done by ensuring each topic links to the one previously covered rather than the topics standing alone. The natural opportunities that arise from this way of organising the learning allow reviewing, revisiting and reinforcement of a range of knowledge and also helps children to see how things link together.
  • English lessons have also been linked to the topics so that opportunities to experience, research and practice different genres of text also link to the other lessons being taught at that time.
  • By the end of their time in school with us, we intend every child to have developed a bank of core knowledge that is specific to each subject area.
  • This will be developed through a progression of knowledge and skills with each element taught building on what has gone before.
  • They will also have an understanding of core subject specific vocabulary which will have been explicitly taught to the children as part of the lessons.
  • In order to ensure we carefully considered the curriculum offer for our children we invited parents and Local Council members to share their knowledge of the area and their hopes for our children.
  • This has helped us capitalise on local knowledge so that we can develop meaningful experiences for the children to build and enhance their understanding.
  • We have also considered the life experiences of our children and their families to ensure we show them how to be aspirational, resilient and determined whilst also having a sense of fair play, social justice and an openness and respect for difference.
  • Through our curriculum we intend to provide opportunities to consider the positive impact we can all make to other people’s lives as well as our own.