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Branston Church of England Infant Academy

'The Best We Can Be'

Family Learning

We are very proud of our well established Family Learning programme and the number of families who engage in our courses and workshops. 


Family Learning is a national programme established to help parents and carers support their Child's learning whilst improving their own English and maths skills. It is fully funded through the Education & Skills Funding Agency. 


All Family Learning courses are delivered by a team of trained professionals. A specialist adult Tutor, with an understanding of Family Learning courses, works with the parent/carers whilst a qualified teacher works with the children. A joint session is offered in the second half of the session so that adults and children share learning activities together. 


Family Learning at Branston

Our Family Learning session run on a Wednesday afternoon. Our course Tutor is Helen and our joint sessions are delivered by Mrs Cook, our Headteacher. 


Sessions are fully funded and we are also able to fund childcare, for families who qualify, to enable them to attend the sessions. We provide FREE refreshments during the session and all the materials needed for the activities we do. All parents/carers who attend our courses receive a certificate at the end of each course. 


Why is Family Learning so popular at Branston?

We have carefully selected course which meet the needs of our families. We work hard to ensure the activities are well matched to the children's interests and we go above and beyond to make the most of the opportunities in the local area. This has included a visit to the local library to introduce our families to this wonderful, free resource. Our nature walks and road safety sessions have incorporated the streets and park in the village. We also love to involve other specialist staff to deliver sessions. This has included our Sports Coach delivering a circuit session for our children and adult learners, incorporating items which can be found around the home and a special visit from Rhubarb Theatre for a storytelling session with a difference! 


All of the activities we do can be easily replicated at home at no or low cost. We often provide our families with materials or packs to take home to continue the fun or to use with siblings in the household. 


Course & Workshops coming in 2023-24

We will be offering a combination of courses and workshops to ensure we reach as many of our families as we can. Some families find longer courses harder to attend. For those families, our workshops will be ideal and promise to be lots of fun for all! 


Term One: 'A Big Step Forward' this workshop is aimed at families of children starting school for the first time.

                  'You & Your Child' (5-week course)

Term Two: 'Let's Get Cooking' Christmas Workshop 

Term Three: 'Let's get Crafty' (6-week course)  

Term Four: 'Making Music' Workshop

Term Five: 'Investigating & Exploring' (6-week course)

Term Six: 'Getting Ready for School' Workshops





What does Family Learning look like at Branston?