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Branston Church of England Infant Academy

'The Best We Can Be'


The Intent of Music at Branston C of E Infant Academy

At Branston C of E Infant Academy, it is our intent that we make music an enjoyable learning experience, and we encourage our children to participate in a variety of musical experiences. Our music curriculum engages and inspires pupils and increases their self-confidence, creativity, and sense of achievement. It ensures that children develop a good understanding of what it means to be a musician and they have opportunities to explore various genres, instruments, and styles of music.


The Implementation of Music at Branston C of E Infant Academy

As soon as children start school, they begin to explore and make music. In EYFS children listen to nursery rhymes daily and will learn to sing along to these. Music is incorporated consistently into daily routines and is used to enhance teaching of the core curriculum in addition to being taught as a stand-alone subject. Children in EYFS explore and use a range of untuned musical instruments, moving rhythmically to these and begin to compose pieces of music. Children also enjoy taking part in ring games and dancing to music.


We believe that children need four key elements of substantive knowledge to succeed in music, which can be broadly categorised into: musicianship, composing, singing, and listening. Our KS1 curriculum, which follows Charanga’s scheme for the Model Music Curriculum, is designed to teach each of these and follows a differentiated, spiral approach to musical learning. Within each unit of learning, children revisit existing knowledge and skills and then build upon these. The clearly sequenced lessons support the key areas of the Model Music Curriculum; Listening, Singing, Playing, Composing and Performing.  As lessons progress, the key learning is repeated, musical skills are reinforced, and the learning deepens. Each unit celebrates a wide range of musical styles and children quickly become familiar with the musical activities, through which they acquire new, or reinforce previous, musical knowledge and understanding. Alongside this substantive knowledge, children need the disciplinary knowledge to understand how musicians read, play, perform and most importantly enjoy music. As they progress through KS1, these skills develop, to allow children to form their own ideas, opinions, and creativity as musicians.


At Branston C of E Infant Academy, we also promote the enjoyment of music through our school choir, school band, regular singing practice, and other extra-curricular opportunities. We have weekly whole school choral worships and use iSingPOP to support learning of songs and music appreciation. Children have a wide variety of experience of performances, along with the chance to listen to performances that inspire them. 


The Impact of Music at Branston C of E Infant Academy

As Branston Musicians, children will enjoy music and will be excited about performing their own music. Children will have many opportunities to take part in first hand musical experiences to bring the curriculum to life. Our spiral approach will lead to deeper, more secure learning and musical mastery. Our music curriculum will foster a love and increasing enthusiasm amongst our children, and a potential for life-long musical study.