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Branston Church of England Infant Academy

'The Best We Can Be'


National Curriculum Objectives for Key Stage 1 Art & Design

Art is an individual expression of the world around you. This can take many forms including sculpture, painting and crafting.  It provides a unique opportunity for children of all ages and abilities to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of colour texture, pattern and form.


Our intent, when teaching Art is to develop children’s ability to express themselves creatively and imaginatively in many different forms. This will be achieved through progression of specific skills for example, drawing, painting or sculpting, but also via providing children stand-alone opportunities such as willow sculpting, batik and fabric printing. Our aim is that children will have broad experience of art mediums and begin to develop a sense of confidence in expressing themselves in using these.


Children will develop a knowledge of both famous and local artists, gaining an understanding of how the artists work has evolved over time and a recognition of the origins of the inspiration for their work.


Children will be encouraged to develop their own individual style and begin to develop their art vocabulary in order to evaluate their own and others work in a supportive and non-critical manner, celebrating our differences and uniqueness.


We aspire to develop children’s love and joy for creative expression and for children to find a form or medium that supports them in being able to express their thoughts and feelings artistically.